Automatic folder- gluer MTC 2000 Y.P.1995

Product info

MODEL 2000
YEAR 1995
SIZE 200-1050 x 360-2050
PRODUCTION 3500/hour
MATERIALS E-flute, B-flute, C-flute, A-flute, R-Flute, BE-flute, BB-flute, BC-flute

The automatic folder cluer machine produces a wide range of different boxes. A pile of cartons is placed in the feeder. The friction belt pulls a sheet from the bottom of the pile into the machine.

MTC 2000 automatic folder gluer for sale

The MTC 2000 has an automatic gluer which is equipped with a one-wheel glue applicator, cold glue is required for the gluing system. The folder gluer has motorized folding arms. The glued and folded sheets are transferred to the compression and delivery section. Used folder gluer for sale

The folder- gluer can be used to process E-BC flute. Production per hour is approximately 3500 boxes, depending on sheet format. The machine is in excellent condition and available for sale immediately!

Video of the machine:

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