Wook Il Semi-Automatic Die Cutter


YEAR 2006
SHEET (MM) 1200 x 1700
PRODUCTION 3500 / hour
  • 1-10 mm corrugated board
  • Solid board



WOOK IL Semi-Automatic Die Cutter – outstanding die cutter for a reasonable price

The WOOK IL die cutter is used to transfer raw paper or cardboard material supplied to the spike in order to cut it into the desired shape. Following the cutting process, the semi-automatic die cutter rearranges the cut parts and then loads them.

WOOK IL Semi-automatic Platten Die Cutter is a superb die cutter for a reasonable price

The semi-automatic die cutter is designed in consideration of job efficiency, ergonomic requirements, and improved job safety. The WTNS die cutter was produced in 2006; however, it has been in use in packaging manufacturer for five years only. It is available for inspection in production.

Semi-automatic hand-fed WTNS die cutter: flexible cardboard die cutter

The semi-automatic WOOK IL die cutting machine comprises a feeding part, a cutting part and a delivery part. The die cutter’s maximum sheet or board processing size is 1200 mm x 1700 mm and minimum sheet or board processing size is 550 mm x 750 mm. The main functionalities and benefits of the semi-automatic die-cutter include:

The productivity rate of the hand-fed WOOK IL die cutter is high

The die cutter production rate per hour is 3000-3500 sheets. The semi-automatic WTNS die cutter is almost new and in good working condition.

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