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Ecobox OÜ is originally a packaging company which has been in market over 25- years. During this period Ecobox OÜ has grown to be a reliable and outstanding partner for different companies all over Europe. Ecobox OÜ has a goal to help everyone who want to pack their products efficiently and in ecologically responsible way. This purpose has left us with constant need for better and more efficient machinery to be up to date with packaging solutions.

During this journey we have been constantly looking for ways to upgrade our production which includes machinery used for converting cardboard. Since our people are very passionate about their work we have always been taking good care of our machinery used for making packages.

Therefore we are confident to sell our used equipment in excellent condition, providing all the help needed with dismantling, installation, and training. Ecobox OÜ consist a team of professionals who has been dismantling, installing and upgrading used corrugated machinery all over Europe and CIS countries. All this actual working experience differs us from regular machinery dealers. We know what we are selling, we know how to work with them and last but not least- we are ready to share this experience!


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