Adhesive Plant


YEAR 1993
  • Corrugated board



Flomat Adhesive plant – affordable choice for starch production

Starch Plants are designed and developed to produce starch. Starch is a glucose polymer found in plants such as maize, tapioca, potatoes, wheat, rice etc. The EU consumes 9.3 million tonnes of starch, of which 61% is food, 1% is feed and 38% are non-food applications, such as paper and cardboard production.

Used Adhesive Plant for sale

Flomat adhesive plant ensures reliable and secure starch productionFlomat Adhesive plant‘s maintenance costs are reasonable. Easy installation, stable operation and low operation costs make this adhesive plant a very good investment. Flomat Adhesive Plant is well-maintained and in good condition.


Agnati Corrugating Equipment 1800 mm – check out the components

Corrugating Equipment 1800 mm
Max. Working width: 1800 mm

Flomat Adhesive plant – effective control system

Flomat’s starch plant comes with a powerful control system that allows ease of operation and more effective control of the system. It guarantees the continuity, stability and reliability of starch production.

Flomat used adhesive plant for sale

Flomat is a well-known company that also manufactures scissor lifts, pallet dispensers, docking systems, palletisers, gravity and powered conveyors, overhead crane systems, hoists, and stackers.

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