Atlas and Kaeser pressure air compressors


Variety of pressure air compressors available at competitive prices


 Atlas Copco  GA30  2000  N/A  30 kW  10 (bar)  3000  (r/min)
 Atlas Copco (flawed)  GA30  2000  N/A  30 kW  10 (bar)  3000  (r/min)
 Kaeser Sigma  BSD 81 T  2007  N/A  45 kW  11 (bar)  2965  (r/min)
 Kaeser Sigma  SM 12 T  2010  5000  7,5 kW   8 (bar)  2930  (r/min)
 Kaeser Sigma  SM 12 T  2007  14000  7,5 kW  11 (bar)  2930  (r/min)


Atlas Copco and Kaeser Sigma used pressure air compressors for sale

We offer various second hand Kaeser Sigma and Atlas Copco pressure air compressors at competitive prices. The pressure air compressors are well maintained and in good operational order.

Pressure air compressors available for second round

The compressors are suitable for cardboard, corrugated board, plastic, paper materials or other similar production industries. Air compressors are available immediately.

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