Automatic 4 (four) color flexo printer HEBEI JSTAR Y.P.2014

Product info

YEAR 2014
SHEET (mm) 2500mm
  • 3-ply cardboard
  • 5-ply cardboard
  • 7-ply cardboard


Automatic 4 (four) color flexo printer control system is a Siemens PLC. This system saves production orders, which can be recalled in the future to save changing time. The system memorizes different parameters for easy operation and maintenance.

  1. The suction feeder is stable and accurate, and comes from the American company SUN. The rubber roll and ceramic roll both feature a high friction to ensure the stability and accuracy of the overall printer slotter die cutter.
  2. The automatic printer slotter die cutter uses an internationally known brand for the anilox roll and rubber roll to ensure the high quality printing.
  3. The slotter’s box length is computer controlled, as is the box width and height, making the carton equipment fast and convenient to use.
  4.  The die cutter’s engine is an independent engine controlled by the KEB servo system from Germany to ensure the die cutting accuracy. The slotter die cutter also come with a surface speed compensation system, meaning the die cylinder shifts when running in order to prolong the service life of the rubber anvil.
  5. Each gear is made of high quality chrome steel, heat treated and ground to ensure the stability and precision of the automatic printer slotter die cutter.
  6.  All bearings and electrical components come from well-known brands in Taiwan and China.


  1. Lead edge feeder: The lead edge feeder system increases the suction for a precise and stable feeding performance. A variable frequency drive control for vacuum air and pressure can be adjusted to match the different sizes of the paper board.
  2.  Feeding rolls: The rubber roll and rough surface ceramic roll (with a low pressure but a high friction) assist in ensuring the stability and precision in the transfer of the corrugated board, preventing any damage from coming to it.
  3. Dust removal device: The dust removal device includes a cleaning brush and suction fan to clean dust from the surface of the corrugated board. The clean surface improves the printing quality.
  4. The side stop is motor controlled, and a flapping device ensures the sheet pile is in the best shape possible.
  5.  All information can be shown, and adjusted, from the main touchscreen. The phase in each unit as well as box height can be set in the main touch screen.
  6.  Memory system: Production orders can be saved and recalled at a later date to save time during changes.
  7.  Ink alarm system: When the printer is low or out of ink, a buzzer will sound.

Printing Section:

  1.  The printing section has a memory system for easy operation and maintenance. This system helps remember the positioning of the printing cylinder when the operator stops the machine and opens it to adjust the printing plate. After the adjustment is complete, and machine sections are closed, the memory system returns the printing cylinder to its former operation performance.
  2.  The printing unit has a 7 inch touchscreen, and the printing register is computer controlled. The printing cylinder is motorized and computer controlled to move axially (±5mm).
  3.  The mounting plat system saves plate changing time. A foot switch is used to turn the printing cylinder when mounting the printing plate.
  4.  The anilox roll lifts up and separates from the printing plate automatically when sheets are not fed into the machine. The anilox roll also continues to run when it’s lifted in order to keep the ink on the roll from drying.
  5.  The printing unit is self-locking and its feeding wheels move quickly, so there is no need to fix the feeding wheels with screws.

Slotting Section:

  1. The single shaft double knives slotter features a 7 inch touch screen. The box height, length and width are all controlled by PLC and can be stored in the computer, saving changing time in the future.
  2.  The upper knife, lower knife, pre-creaser and creaser all move synchronously. The precision liner slideway ensures the flexibility and stability of the movement.
  3.  The up creaser wheel is covered by a rubber anvil to protect the corrugated board from damage.
  4.  The flexible corner cutting knife can cut 3, 5 and 7 layer corrugated boards with no adjustment in between. It is easy to operate.
  5.  The cutting knife is made of high quality alloy steel, and is 7mm thick.
  6.  A hand hole punching device is optional.

Die Cutting Section:

  1.  An independent engine drive is controlled by a KEB servo system from Germany to make sure the die cutting is precise.
  2.  The surface speed compensation ensures the rubber anvil cylinder runs at the exact same speed as the die cylinder when the rubber anvil cylinder’s diameter shrinks after long term use.
  3.  The die cylinder shifts axially (±42mm) when running so that the cutting knives cut different positions every time on the rubber anvil, reducing damage to it.
  4.  A turning tool on the die cutter can repair the rubber anvil when it becomes damaged after long term use.
  5.  The die cutting phase is controlled by the PLC (both running and stop), and can store the information in the computer.
  6.  The self-locking and fast movement of the feeding wheels means there is no need to fix screws to the machine.


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