Boxmaker Solarco BMC_17_DCP with autofeeder Y.P.2008

Product info

YEAR 2008
SIZE 1700x 4000mm
PRODUCTION 2000/hour
  • 3-ply cardboard
  • 5-ply cardboard
  • 7-ply cardboard

The pre-cutting machine is designed for the production of RSC, HSC, OSC and FOL boxes from three- and five-layer corrugated cardboard, as well as other types of boxes (5PF, under the lid, grids). Boxmaker Solaco can also only cut and score cardboard. The machine is easily reconfigured to the required type of product, it can be used to cut corrugated cardboard in the longitudinal and transverse directions, that is, there is no need to have workpieces of certain dimensions. An additional die-cutting module has been installed, which allows cutting holes for hands in boxes. The programming of the machine is carried out on the touch screen, on which the values ​​​​are set according to the FEFCO standards.

In the longitudinal direction, the positions of the cutting knives, valve cutting knives, the position of the additional cutting and printing modules are set on the operator panel. In the transverse direction, the dimensions of the position of the cut-off knives, scoring and cutting knives are easily adjusted using rulers. The machine allows you to produce two or three boxes at the same time (one next to the other) or two or three boxes (one after the other) from one sheet of corrugated cardboard. Main technical data: Max. carton width – 1700 mm. Min. cardboard width – 250 mm. Max. carton length – 4000 mm Min. cardboard length – 500 mm. Feeder capacity – 300 pcs. 3 ply cardboard

Feeder loading capacity – 500 kg. Allows you to work with types of cardboard: microwave, three-layer, five-layer. Corrugated cardboard thickness range 2.5 – 8 mm. Cardboard density up to 1200 g/sq.m. Machine dimensions: Length with feeder – 5460 mm. Width – 3950 mm. Height – 1900 mm. Machine weight – 4900 kg. Power supply – 3-phase 380 v. Power – 16 kW. Compressed air – 8-10 bar Compressed air consumption 290 l/min. The maximum length of knives of additional cutting – 2000 mm. Machine productivity: one box – 400-700 pcs/h. three at a time up to 2000 pcs/h Made in the Czech Republic in 2007.


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