Cartridges (E flute)


YEAR 1993
  • Corrugated board



Agnati C90 Cartridges with motorised carriage equipped with E-flute rolls

Single Facer cartridges with motorised carriage equipped with E-flute rolls

Agnati’s C90 Single Facer is used to produce a series of connected flutes from the paper. Corrugating rolls are large cylinders with a corrugated profile. Ecobox offers used single facer cartridges with E-flute rolls. The cartridges are in good condition. The motorised carriage automatically aligns the correct splice head into position.

Single Facer cartridges with E-flute rolls

E-flute corrugated board is manufactured using Single Facer cartridges with E-flute rolls. The corrugated board box is made up from flutes. Flutes provide toughness for a cardboard box, and lie in the sides of the corrugated container. An E-flute is a small flute profile, which provides flexibility and printability for the corrugated board. Boxes made of E-flute corrugated board are light. E-flute cardboard is the best material for the cardboard special solutions and custom-made boxes which need sophisticated folding or printing.

Flute Designation Flutes per linear foot Flute thickness (in) Flutes per linear meter Flute thickness (mm)
E-flute 90 +/− 4x 116 295 +/− 13 1.6


The advantage of the E-flute corrugated board is that it offers the best crush resistance and printing surface.


Agnati Corrugator 1800 mm – check out the components

Corrugating Equipment 1800 mm
Max. Working width: 1800 mm

Agnati C90 Single Facer Cartridges in good condition

Ecobox is offering Single Facer C90 cartridges for corrugating rolls equipped with E-flute rolls and cartridges for corrugating rolls equipped with B-flute rolls. Ecobox is a recognised and reliable Estonian packaging production company which uses the machinery on offer daily on site. We offer used machinery and unique expertise in the cardboard production and processing field for our customers.

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