Göpfert Box Maker 1988


YEAR 1988
SHEET (MM) 2500 x 9900 mm
PRODUCTION 500 / hour
  • 3-ply cardboard
  • 5-ply cardboard
  • 7-ply cardboard



Göpfert SRE 2Z Maxi (1988) Box Maker – second-hand box maker in good condition

Göpfert SRE 2Z Maxi (1988) box maker is an essential converting machine for every box manufacturing company. The case maker is able to perform all functionalities to produce FEFCO catalogue or special design boxes from plain cardboard or folding board. The machine can handle heavy loads thanks to its strong construction.

Göpfert Box Maker – efficient box making machine to convert large formats

Gopfert SRE 2Z Maxi is the perfect cardboard production machine to produce boxes and take heavy board loads. It is possible to carry out all necessary functionalities within the long box-making cycle with one Goepfert box maker. The case maker’s production rate per hour is very good and the Goepfert Maxi is in excellent working condition.

Goepfert Maxi box-making machine has many functionalities

Gopfert Maxi box maker functionalities include slitting and scoring lengthways or crossways. The Box Maker is a high-quality cardboard and folding board production machine for making a whole range of FEFCO catalogue boxes and custom-made box constructions.

Used Gopfert Case Maker for sale at an economical price

This great box maker is in very good working condition and in use in the box manufacturing industry. The Göpfert case maker is available immediately for a reasonable price. The box maker machine is a must-have for every case manufacturing company.

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