LXPM-307 hot melt SA folder gluer 900×1500 y.p. 2015

Product info

SHEET (MM) 900 x 1515
PRODUCTION 60m / min
  • E-flute
  • B-flute
  • C-flute
  • A-flute
  • R-Flute
  • BE-flute
  • BB-flute
  • BC-flute


Semi-automatic folder gluer equipped with hot melt glue system Challenger (2015)

The semi-automatic folder gluer is used for gluing carton, paper board and corrugated board in the box production industry. The folder gluer is an essential part of any box manufacturing production line. The folder gluer is easy to use and adjust.

The semi-automatic folder gluer is equipped with a brand new adhesive application equipment – Challenger (2015) hot melt glue system.

The semi-automatic folder gluer is available for a reasonable price

The semi-auto folder gluer is in excellent working condition. The folder gluer is made in China and well maintained. The carton gluer is available for inspection in production and for sale immediately.

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