Roller Die Cutter


YEAR 2000
SHEET (MM) 2200 x 3000
PRODUCTION 12 cycles per minute
  • Corrugated board


Hand-Fed Roller Die Cutter Press ready for the second round

The Roller die cutter press is intended for 3-ply and 5-ply cardboard and glued carton longitudinal folding and die cutting crossways or lengthways. The hand-fed die cutter was produced by Roller in Poland, in 2000. The Roller die cutter is a ZMM type.

Roller die cutter is easy to use and offers a durable die cutter press

The dimensions of the Roller die cutter are 3400 mm (length), 1360 mm (weight), and 1550 mm (height). The die cutter press weighs 1700 kg. Carton boxes with edges of up to 2800 mm may be processed by the hand-fed Roller die cutting press.

Hand-fed die cutter press is a low cost, electric, clean-operating die cutting machine for the printing industry

The roller die cutter press can be serviced by two operators. The cost-effective die is placed, cutting edge facing upside, onto the slip-resistant belts on the left hand side of the die cutter press. The cardboard to be cut is put on the top of the cutting edges, and is shifted under the rollers. The upper roller is the cutting roller, and the bottom roller is the pressure roller. Functionalities include:

Inexpensive and easy to deliver used die cutter press for sale

The Roller die cutter press is for sale immediately. The Roller die cutter can be reviewed in production. The Roller die cutter press is a cheap die cutting solution to cut or fold cardboard, carton, corrugated board and paper.

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